We fire up the Grills and Barbecue right in front of your guests!


All Natural Raised Pulled Pork Barbecue

Tangy Sweet Grilled Chicken Legs and Thighs

Hand Carved Bourbon Glazed Beef Brisket 

Slightly Sweet Soft Spun Potato Rolls 

Shirley Courier's Green Chili Corn Bread

Home Made BBQ Sauce 

Festival Corn on the Cob

Chockablock Red Peppers stuffed with Texas Rice, Turkey Chorizo and Jack Cheese

Northern Bean Salad



Home Made Mom’s Apple Pie

Deep Blue Blueberry Pie

Silky Smooth Chocolate Cream Pie


Price- $57.80 per person for a 4 hour event (50 PERSON MINIMUM)

           $55.80 PER PERSON FOR 75-100 Guests

           $52.80 per person for 100 Guests OR MORE



Self-Serve Bar Options – Ice included in all selections

$4.00 PER PERSON: Unlimited Peach Sangria

$5.00 per person: Sodas, Ice, Fruit Juice, Orange Crush Water, and Lemon Mint Water

$10.00 per person: Sodas, Local Brews, and Sustainably Made Wines 

Full Open Bar available for additional $15.00 per person (Includes a Bartender)



Includes - Two Chef’s to prepare the Cuisine

         Full Menu with 1 piece of each menu item

   Buffet Table, Platters, and Linens

    Bio-degradable Plates and Drinkware

  bBuffet and Kitchen (Set up and clean up)

         Need more help, Trained Service Team members available at $150.00 per team-member

Please, no substitutions.  We have already planned the perfect party.